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We'll buy your dated, damaged or unwanted home at 100% fair market value so you skip the hassle of a traditional sale. 

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We specialize in buying houses that need updates or repairs.

Need to sell your home that needs a little (or a lot) of work? We'll make you a 100% fair, off-market offer. You can skip the headaches and hassles of selling traditionally.

You can sell your house as-is, move on your timeline, skip repairs, cleaning, and showings while paying zero fees. We buy houses in any condition.

You get convenience and speed in return so you sell your home quickly.

We are not real estate agents - we are your buyer. However, we hire a real estate agent at our expense to manage your home sale for us.

We can help you if you inherited a home, have financial distress, are dealing with repairs, own a vacant property, had a sudden or unexpected life event, you're recovering from a natural disaster, you need to stop foreclosure, and more.

This means:

  • Close fast, get equity from your home in as little as 7 days
  • Get a very competitive fast offer
  • You pick your closing date
  • No showings or open houses
  • No negotiating with buyers
  • Skip the cost, time and (in some cases) embarrassment of getting your home market ready.
  • Freedom to move on your timeline
  • No strangers and Realtors walking through your home
  • No chance of two housing payments

100% Fair Market Value Offers

We make our offer simple, transparent, and charge no extra fees. We buy houses in all conditions.

1. We'll give you our best price offer to justify the work. You get 100% transparency.

2. We'll even advance you $5,000 so you can afford to move out and into your next home.

Let's talk. We'll be in touch for a free consultation so you can move on with your life.

The Katy & Frank Difference

Katy & Frank Home Buyers
Katy  & Frank Home Buyers

Get Our Best Off-Market Price on Your Home


"My aunt was behind on her bills and facing foreclosure. I needed someone to buy my house fast. Frank told me the property was worth $120k fixed up. He showed me the $40k of work it needed I didn't have. He bought the house for $80k and I understood why. He also paid off the entire overdue MUD bill of $750 and gave us money upfront to move. Thank you Frank and Katy. You were super helpful, I appreciate it " - Chris (Omaha, NE)

"I needed to sell my home fast here in Temple due to a coming tax payment my husband left my with after our divorce. I searched online for We Buy Houses companies and found them. They offered to sell my home at a fair value given we've lived in it for 22 years (it needed work). I sold it to them 'as-is" and they closed in 2 weeks. Just as they said. Thank you Katy and Frank!" - Jackson F. (Temple, TX)

"I wanted to sell my home right next to UNO - and I needed to sell fast. I got a mailer from Frank saying he would buy my house right now for $130k. I called him and said "deal". He did exactly what he said and we closed quickly in a week for $130k. It was the easiest home sale I could imagine. Plenty of communication, honesty, and transparency of who I'm dealing with - Frank explains the "why" behind all his decisions so I understand why the price is what it is. Thank you Frank and Katy! - Rose (Omaha, NE)

"Katy and Frank have been very easy to work with. My home sold quick. They were not pushy, we talked- they made appointment to view the property- made an offer, and it was accepted. Closing date was moved back through their request- but they also very fairly compensated for the delay. I would recommend working with Katy and Frank if you are interested in selling your home fast without having to go through the normal prep and listing of a home." - Dean R. (Waco,TX)

Here's what our customers say...

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Does your home need updates or repairs?

We'll buy your home without the stress, paperwork, or fees.

We'll make you a 100% fair market value on your home no matter what condition it's in. If we aren't the best home buyer for you - we'll introduce you to an investor or Realtor who is the best for you.

Katy & Frank Home Buyers 5-Star BBB Reviews and Google Reviews

Get a Free Cash Offer NowGet a Free Cash Offer NowGet a Free Cash Offer Now

(We now buy homes in Nebraska, Texas, Iowa, and Oklahoma)

We buy houses in Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, and Iowa

"How do you make the claim you pay 100% fair market value?"

This is the #1 question we get in our advertising and we want to give you a clear and direct answer. We specialize in buying homes that are dated, damaged, in need of repair, or are desperately unwanted. If your home is in excellent condition, you’ll likely come out ahead by listing it with a traditional real estate agent who will get multiple retail buyers competing to pay you their best price and terms. 

However, when you value a speedy and convenient sale - or your home needs repairs to attract the most retail buyers – that’s when we claim we’ll pay you 100% fair market value. We will not make you a low-ball offer. We make you a speedy, all-cash offer (without a traditional home inspection or subject to us getting a mortgage) that's 100% fair to you and us that will cover all the expenses necessary to bring your home to full market value. We also pay all your closing costs, too.

You’ll receive 100% transparent pricing with all our estimated remodeling expenses upfront, while providing you with the verified prices of homes (just like yours) that have recently sold to determine with you what your home is fully worth all fixed up. We’ll make you a 100% fair market value offer after we together factor in your remodeling costs, the “After Repair Value” of your home, and a reasonable profit you agree with to compensate us for the risk of buying your home, since we may lose money.  If you’re not happy with our offer, you don’t have to accept it. It’s free without obligation! 

If you don't like our offer, we’ll introduce you to other home buyers we trust who have the intent and ability to close on your home, too. We are also happy to introduce you to an approved real estate agent who has delivered consistently for us to list your home (we are unlicensed and are not paid a referral fee). 

At the end of the day, it’s important you know all your options and that you’re treated with honesty and respect. We’ll work with you to determine a 100% fair market value price for your home. It’s win-win for everyone, or no deal. It’s an unshakable core value of ours. Please make sure to read our 5-star reviews of the 100% fair prices we’ve paid homeowners for their homes. Our track record proves it. References available upon request.

On another note, we also understand buying homes directly in the community is very emotional. You’ll find 1-star reviews from angry residents who haven’t sold to us. We completely understand the frustration when prices are rising all around you - not to mention the onslaught of letters, calls, and texts from allegedly successful strangers who offer to pay top dollar for your home, especially if you're tight on money. Direct real estate buyers also have a negative connotation – and that’s certainly with merit. Too many competitors in this hot market sign a contract to buy your home without the intent and ability to actually pay for it at time of closing. 

That’s not us – we provide you with proof of funds to close upfront. By paying 100% fair prices with full transparency upfront so it’s the seller’s decision (not ours) to accept our offer without duress or misguidance, we’re giving homeowners an alternative option to move on. We will take the risk to improve the home so it collects more in property taxes, improves the stability of neighborhood home values, and most importantly provides a safe and affordable place for residents to call their long-term home.